How to Find a Job as a Comic Artist?

Even though some people may aspire to be a comic artist, it is important to note that there is quite a bit of competition in this industry. Which means, it may be difficult for an individual to be successful in their efforts unless they know how to do their research in advance. With this said, here’s several recommendations that can assist an individual will making their comic artist career dreams come true.

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Comic Artists to Follow on Facebook

“Like” Comic Artists!

Word-of-mouth is still the surest way to spread the news about things near and dear to our hearts, but these days we’re most likely to do it over social media like Facebook than face-to-face. Everything finds its way to Facebook eventually, it seems, and comic artists are no exception. Here, you’ll meet a few and learn more about what they have contributed to the world of comic art.

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10 Best Comic Artists of All Time

Oh, That Kind of Comic!

Whether the word “comic” makes you think of a strip in the Sunday paper, the latest issue of your favorite childhood superhero comic book, the lurid but irresistible pulp horror magazines of the 1950s and ‘60s, graphic novels, or one of the many television shows and movies based on comic characters, this genre has something to offer. This list offers an introduction to ten of the greatest minds behind the art.

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